Welcome to my blog which is about my adventure in South America.

Following a lengthy period of illness, I have decided to take early retirement and fulfill my dream of travelling throughout South America. It is a part of the world with which I have been fascinated for many years and which I had planned to visit when I reached the age of 65. Making the best of a bad situation, I find myself, “Living the Dream”, a few years early. I will try and cope.

As a frequent visitor to Spain and the Canary Islands, I decided a few years ago, to learn Spanish. To be honest, I had not made a great deal of progress until recently. Thanks to an online language school called, “Verbling”, I now feel confident in my ability to deal with more than just the basics and can participate in conversations about uncomplicated subjects. I am hoping to make rapid progress.

Being an old bloke, I do not intend to rush around. Far from it, I am intending to stay for long periods in each country.This is a great opportunity to really explore the various cultures of each region whilst still keeping my spirit of adventure. To help capture these moments, I have with me an action camera and I am hoping I will have plenty of opportunities to use it.

My journey started in Lima, Peru, on the 19th June 2013. The plane was over an hour late arriving and when I eventually cleared immigration and customs, almost 3 hours late, I was surprised to see my taxi driver still waiting for me. The drive to my hotel took about an hour and was a revelation. The drivers in Lima are the worst I have ever seen. They have no patience and little if any driving ability. I spent the next two months trying to avoid being run over and hoping that any vehicle I got into would have a decent driver. Only get in undamaged vehicles, became a rule.

in spite of the standard of driving, I found the people of Lima welcoming and so I decided to stay for a while. That “while” became 2 months during which my fitness and general wellbeing improved, except for a throat infection and cough. After 2 months it was time to move on to Cajamarca in the Northern Highlands, arriving there on the 20th August 2013…..


39 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Peter, sorry didn’t get to your get together,what an adventure,will be watching
    Take care mate Mark H.

  2. Come on Pedro, whats happening??? Was hopeing to see headcam shots of you hurtling down some white water ravine by now!! Lets see pics of where your at etc
    Adios mi amigo

  3. Looking forward to following your story Pedro. Go have an adventure, but more importantly remember to tell us all about it

    • I will certainly remember to tell you all about it, Paul. Advise your Dad that Pete’s Journey Reports are back. There will be days when I can’t get online but be assured, I will update as often as I can.

  4. Hi Peter,no your right sorry is not good enough,but I was not aware of your farewell do, anyway stop griping your on a trip of a life time and as Baggers says we wanna see phots, adios!

  5. Hi Pete,
    Good luck with your trip, I see you already have put up some photos. Take care and enjoy South America.

  6. Hi Pete, I had to work on the night of your ‘do’. Would have loved to have been able to wish you well on your adventures in South America, so will do it here, the very best of wishes to you, enjoy? probably goes without saying. Will keep a weather eye on your travels right here, bon voyage mon ami (not Spanish I know, but its all I have – hahahaha) . I have just 5 months before retirement — bring it on!!! All the best John Wadlow

    • Thanks John. If all goes well here, I will have to miss your “do” too. Keep watching, although it will be a while before I leave Lima and really start travelling.

  7. What a fantastically fulfilling (and brave) thing to be doing. I will be reading with interest.
    Take care of yourself Pete xxx

  8. Hi Peter, well you finally followed your dream. I’m really pleased you’ve done it but sorry about the
    circumstances that probably drove you to it. May the adventure be all you anticipate and please share the adventure with us all.


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